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freedom apk


Looking not to spend your money for buying gems ? Freedom apk is the right choice for you! Since Freedom app has released it has been a popular app among the Mobile Gaming Community. As this app does what it sounds, With the help of Freedom App you can actually get the Paid stuffs for free from the stores and also you can get the paid game items for free. There are a lot of related apps like the in app purchase hack. One of them is the Appbounty App but still none apps could perform as good as the freedom app.

This is a official Mirror download site of the Free , and here you can download the Freedom apk download and it will be the full stable version of the app we will provide as this a official mirror of the app. We dont recommend getting the free store apk download from any other un-official as most of them are affected with probably a malware or a adware.

You can use the app on both Rooted and Non-Rooted devices as we have both of the choices. We have a Non Rooted version Free store apk available on this site and that can be used on pretty every android devices available on the market right now.

Break Google Play’s Encryption and Get Premium Goodies for Free

If you’ve had a chance to root your smartphone before, you’re aware of how much more powerful the device becomes, especially when it comes to games. Some of these games are ‘freemium’, which means that they are technically free to play, but do require you to shop for in-game resources and boosts with real money to help you advance in the game, clear objectives faster or gain a notable advantage over your opponents. If you are like 60% of players, you may not like the idea of having to pay actual money for a virtual resource. Luckily for you, Freedom APK is there to solve this problem!

This tool can give you instant access to unlimited gems, coins, power-ups, boosts or premium items. You can use this to show off to your friends, overcome a tough obstacle in a game, or overall to just suck all of the fun out of it, by having all of the resources at your command.


free store apk

in app purchase hack

Minimal Requirements:

Before proceeding with the installation, be sure to check out the minimal requirements to run Freedom:

  • Android version 2.3 (Gingerbread) & up
  • The device must be rooted/non rooted
  • At least 512MB of RAM required
  • 100MB of internal Storage Space

We currently have a huge roundup of user experience with the app as a lot of users around the world are getting this app on their phones. It’s currently the 20th century and nobody wants to pull out a real penny for a virtual item so easy these days and we’ve made that more easy for those cheap peoples. Now you can literally get all the gems ad coins and whatever game items you need for free!! Don’t you feel ashamed for this ? If not then go down below and choose the kind of device you have, if you have a rooted android device this app will work like a charm and if it isnt a rooted device you might have some problems but you can always update it to the latest version for the fix.

There are a lot of other free store apk available on the internet but none of them are as good as this one as its not really complicated with this app. You can get started right away from the start as its super user friendly. You might have been looking for an free in app purchase hack which can get you the paid stuffs for free from the store. Its here and you can now get all your clash of clans gems for free for life or get a lot of coins for 8 ball, its actually limitless amount of things you can get with this app and getting your hands on it as soon as you can. It will be probably the best choice to be ever made by you as with the help of this app you can progress the faster among others in any games or get any paid stuff first.

freedom app

Also This app has other great features like you can add any kind of Patches or Mods to any game also you can make In-App Purchases for free & also it is compatible with a large range of apps.

Some Non Rooted Users might know this that there wasn’t any Non-Rooted version of this app available anywhere on the internet. It seemed that only the Rooted Users can use this, but not anymore. Now we’ve also released a official version which is compatible with most of the Non-Rooted Phones in the market right now and we are currently trying to add more features into the app for a more user reach and creating a much better free world for everyone.

free store apk

freedom apk download

Installation Guide:

The good thing about Freedom is that it can be installed on virtually any Android device, as long as it’s rooted. If your device is not rooted, then look for a rooting guide. It might sound complicated, but it’s really easy, and it enables you to do many things you normally wouldn’t be able to.

  1. After rooting (not mandatory) your device, it’s time to download the Freedom APK.
  2. Make sure you’ve authorized installations from unknown sources in the Security menu of your phone’s settings. This allows you to install apps without having to use the Google Play Store.
  3. Locate the Freedom APK file on your phone and run the installation. You may need to authorize this app’s access to features on your phone it will need to use, so if the pop-up shows up, make sure to confirm it. The app will now install on your phone.

Using Freedom APP

Once you’ve installed it, you can run Freedom from your phone, and after asking for Root access, it is going to list all of the games and apps you have installed. All you have to do is to select the game you want to hack, and after a few seconds, Freedom will run that game. Navigate to the in-game store to start buying the premium content.


Remember to remove any indexed credit card that you may have used in Google Play before using Freedom. You’ll know that the app is working if the credit card listed in your payment option is named “FreeCard’ followed by a 7-digit number.

Using Freedom to Hack Candy Crush Jelly Saga

You can use the Freedom app to hack Candy Crush Jelly Saga and buy the Gold Bars. You can get as many as you want, purchasing different quantities as many times as you want. Here is what you will need to do:

  1. Run Freedom APP and select ‘Candy Crush Jelly’ from the list. The game will start
  2. Go to the store. You can choose between buying 10, 55, 115, 260 or 510 Gold Bars at a time.


  1. Select any quantity you want from the list. A Google Play pop-up will appear, prompting you to confirm your purchase. Click on the ‘Buy’ button.
  1. You will be asked if you’d like to confirm your password every 30 minutes since the first purchase, or every time you choose to buy something. Click on ‘Every Time’. A new popup should appear, informing you that the payment was successful.
  1. After a short wait, an in-game popup will inform you that the Gold Bars have been added to your account.


  1. When/If buying larger quantities of Gold Bars, it might happen that you get a popup that says “0” Gold Bars have been added to your inventory. If you see this happen, go back to the shop, repeat your purchase and then quit the game. Wait for a few seconds, then re-start it and the original balance should now be added to your account.

Using Freedom to Get Free Coins & Gems in Pixel Gun 3D

Hacking this fun multiplayer game with Freedom is not as easy, as the game has tried to repel the attacks and attempt to protect itself from the Freedom’s influence. Be sure to follow these steps to be successful:

  1. Before starting, note that if you have the Lollipop series, you want to get Freedom App v1.0.7J. All other versions can use the latest version of Freedom for this to work.
  2. Open the Freedom app but do not start it yet. You need to launch the game first and go to the gems/gold store before starting it. This is a crucial step, and skipping it will result with the hack not working.
  3. Now it’s time for some quick action. You first have to click on the quantity of gems/coins you’d like to get. As soon as you do that, swipe out to your recent apps and start Freedom
  4. Return to the game to witness the purchase confirmation popup and complete the purchase.
  5. After a few seconds, the gems/coins bundle will be loaded into your account!

Freedom Most Commonly Faced Issues

While Freedom APK will function normally in 80% of cases, a few instances can occur an error that could prevent you from getting the premium content or launching the app. Read below to find out how to fix the most common errors:

The Play Store ‘No Connection’ error

This error might affect your Google Play Store app just after you’ve installed Freedom APK, and may cause it to state there is no connection to the Internet, even though you are connected. Here is how to fix it!

  1. Open the Root Explorer app and locate the storage directory
  2. In the storage directory, you should see a folder named ‘etc’
  3. Scroll down until you find a file called ‘hosts’ (It should be somewhere in the middle, just after gps.conf). Select and delete the file, but make sure you back it up in case you need it in the future.
  4. Restart your device, start the Google Play Store app and you should be online!

I want to Remove Freedom App

If you don’t want to use Freedom App anymore, it’s important to know how to remove it, to prevent it from messing up your Google Play Store.

You’ll have to stop the app from its own menu and then bring up the Task Manager to kill the app completely. Only when you’re sure that the app has been stopped and isn’t running in the background, go ahead and uninstall it as you would.

Failing to disable the app before removing it might create issues with accessing or using the Google Play Store in the future.

This is an official mirror download website for the in app purchase & play store hack and we are here providing the app for that nothing else. Its completely upto you on how you use the software and we are not responsible for any bad actions that you will cause with this as this app is strictly for testing purposes and anyone using this app will be using with their own risk. As more days pass securities become more tighter than ever, its not much longer we can do it all alone on us. You can always lend us a hand with a little donation which can put atleast a coffee to the table of our app developers.

The Freedom apk can be installed on any Rooted or Non Rooted Devices on the market unless it runs on Java or iOS. This app is available for free on our site and it will be free as log as we keep this project alive. We recommend you and try to inform others not to get the app from any other untrusted or unofficial sources as most apps are infected with adwares which will make your phone a ad spot and it wont be pretty to have those annoying ads on your phone popping up every time.

This app unlocks your doorway to never ending freedom. Not everyone can use up their credit cards to pay for Premium features, Unlocking stages, Making in-app Purchases. Also not everyone owns a international credit card so everyone needs a option for this that’s where this app comes into part with this app you can do all of that minus the money which wont be needed for getting these as this app was solely developed to get the financial freedom to the Android Users and we have been incredibly successful with this app as the other options are mostly closed and with our system framework it would take a while for the app owners to detect as this app isn’t coded on some free public script. So its the best option to go for currently also this app is available for free which means you wont ever need to spend any dime nor we need your name, emails or any of your personal data to get this its free in every way you look from.


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